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Stimens Apartments

**This website is no longer being used.
Please visit our new website
for our updated listings and information**


We are doing a little downsizing and are in the process of selling some of our properties.
Don't worry - we are not going anywhere - we are just doing a little tightening-up and fine-tuning!

Our company has grown remarkably over the past several years, and we currently own a little over 1000 rental units, (down from over
1550 at our peak in 2018) - an amazing accomplishment for a family business that started with a single rental property and worked its
way up!  Kurt's parents, John and Marilyn Stimens, started this company over 40 years ago, and it has become way larger than they
ever imagined it would be. Kurt has enjoyed building up the company, but is now ready to slow things down.

We will be keeping many of our residential rental properties and a few of our smaller commercial properties, but will be selling the bulk
of our commercial holdings as well as some of our multi-family locations and a few single-family homes.  We have now sold the
Chelsea Square Apartments, Ranchwood Apartments, Williamsburg Apartments,  Carriage Hill Apartments, our apartment buildings at
75 Sturges, 643-659 Bailey Drive, 930-938 Woodville Road, 315 Wood St., 392 Grandridge, 122-134 Marlow Road, Easton Meadows, and
Buckeye Arms, and also the Marion One and 380 Cline office buildings.  If you are interested in renting/leasing at any of those locations,
please contact us and we will give you contact information for the new owners.

* We have recently made some personnel changes as well that will impact the maintenance of our website, advertising, and email.
We have always tried to promptly answer all emails and keep our website and other advertising updated and accurate; please bear
with us if our response time and advertising accuracy may be temporarily less-than-optimal as we work through these changes.  
We hope that soon things will be as good or better than ever!
We are making some changes in some of our policies as we continue in our efforts to fine-tune our operations.
The following policy changes will be effective October 1, 2019:
1. Late fee will now be $50 if paid after the 5th (other than for tenants who are still under lease - lease terms still apply).
2. Our staff will be doing housekeeping checks as warranted to ensure that our properties are being well-maintained.
3. If you owe us any outstanding charges or fees, any monies you pay to us will be applied to those first, then to your rent.
For more information about our policies and procedures, please read our Renter's Manual here!